Tony Bray/Toro Flores Quintet

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Tony Bray-Saxes/Keys

Jason Quiroga-Guitar

Ryan Bowman-Bass

Aaron Easley-Drums


Tony Bray

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Live at Monk's-Entire Set

Album Artwork by Lucy Montesdeoca

Recorded at Same Sky Productions

Mastered by Phil Gates

As a freelance musician , I have performed on stages in clubs, casinos and cruise ships all over the world for over 35 years. I also have spent countless hours in the studio as a musician, arranger, mixer, consultant and producer. 

My degree is in Studio Music and Jazz from the University of Tennessee (1985) . I studied under Jerry Coker,  Bill Scarlett and Don Hough. 

I  am available  as a sax player on tenor, alto, bari or soprano.  I can also double on flute, clarinet, keyboards, electric bass. and vocals.  I  currently work with a dozen bands in the Austin area , playing all styles of music.  I am available for live or studio work. I am also setup for  remote  (long distance) recording. I would just need a 2 channel mixed MP3 or Wav emailed or 'drop boxed'  to me.

  • 4th & Gill3:42
  • The Color Of You9:17
  • The Path6:48
  • A Hollow Man6:04
  • The Cave4:56
  • The Conversation6:16
  • In The Master's Eyes7:30
  • The Terrible Poodle King5:53
  • Is/Am7:02
  • Insomnia7:05
  • Simultaneous Dogs10:32
  • Solitaire6:00
  • Taku Rain0:00
  • The Bowman Conspiracy7:26

The new CD from the Tony Bray/Toro Flores- 'Man In The Black Hat'  Is available now! Click here to download it now!

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Tony Bray-Saxes

Toro Flores-Mallets

Chris Villanuava-Piano

Nick Lewis-Bass

​Aaron Easley-Drums

Jazz Apps Mobile is a small company that I formed with two programmer friends of mine.  Our goal is to bring jazz education into the mobile age.  We currently have seven apps in the Apple and Android app stores.  Five core apps cover the entire language of jazz improvisation and theory. Each of these apps contain detailed explanation of the theory behind all of the concepts involved as well as audio examples,  exercises and play-a-longs in all keys. Play alongs loop endlessly  and tempos are adjustable. The apps are also customizable to set to any instrument transposition, treble or bass clef.  Here are the links to the apps in the Apple App Store-



iImprov- Minor II V


iImprov-Contemporary Colors

​Jazz Theory Quiz

iImprov-Chord/Scale Compendium

​You can also find a review of the apps at this website-

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